"I was in serious back pain and was told I will have to do a spinal Operation Then something unexpected happened ...This is my STORY!"

I would like to share my experience so that it can be of help to people that have similar issues that need such information.

 Please Read Carefully, 🙏 Just take 3 minutes of your time.

I have been struggling for years with chronic joint issues especially my back and kneel, I was told it was going to be a thing of operation.

After going to 3 different hospitals in Lagos, all i heard was …. “take this one, take that one it will give you relief”. I didn’t have the money to do any operation, I was also afraid my situation will get worse. So I kept on buying anything I saw could help me. 

Whether online or in the market. Of course, most of them didn’t work, despite them promising heaven and Earth, “Ha it will work”, “it will work”… But it didn’t work for me.

So I found it hard to even believe I could find a solution to my problem.

Until one fateful day I went to register my MTN sim, I was there waiting for my turn when I saw this man in  jalamia heading towards us, One will have a felling he was either selling something or he was begging on the street, either of the two. he was holding some products in a polybag with him and it seems he was selling something after all, but I didn’t know what he was selling.

The lady sitting beside me called him like she knew him, then he walked towards us. She was asking about the product from him and she sounded like she needed it badly.

Then he brought out some very small containers from his polybag and as he gave it to the woman, I asked what the product was about. He said it was for arthritis? I told him about my issue and he also recommended I use it. I didn’t even believe anything he was saying,  but I eventually bought a small container for a try. I didn’t even bother collecting his contact because of the bad experience I have had with other products. I got home that day and applied it as instructed.

The next day I wasn’t feeling any difference. But I gradually noticed the sharp pain that usually hits me at the back wasn’t happening. So I kept on using this balm for a week and to my disbelieve the balm worked. Where I noticed was I normally get home late from work and most of the time due to hold up on the road. And I usually feel serious aches, and I usually find it difficult to walk up the stairs. But this wonder balm changed how I felt for the first time in a long, long time.

I exhausted the balm and I was very frustrated I didn’t know the shop of the man that sold it to me.

I started looking desperately for this balm because I couldn’t find it. I was like, why is a wonderful product like this not everywhere in the market. So one day I was on Facebook and as I was checking my newsfeed, behold, with an unexpected  surprise I was staring at the balm, that brought joy back into my life. The herbal balm that saved me.

They were selling and delivering to people. I almost burst into tears of joy. Finally I found you. I placed my order with immediate effect for the Biggest size they had. And you won’t believe how happy I was to receive it from the bike man that came to deliver. 

This balm became my everyday companion. And I also introduced it to my friends and family. I used to wonder what would have happened if I didn’t try this product back then. Maybe I would have ended up going for an operation.

So I am grateful to God my condition has been from worse to better and better. I also started exercising and it was much easier for me to move freely.  This has changed my health drastically. 

And I hope people can know more about this product so that it can help them like it helped me.

It’s not  easy finding working products especially in Nigeria. Too many nonsense out there. But this is a balm I recommend to everyone.


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