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"A powerful HERBAL TEA that Naturally Reduces Arthritis and Serious joint Pains, EFFECTIVELY!!!"


Mistletoe Leaf TEA.

Mistletoe herbal leaf tea is like no other because it really works.

Highly effective for serious Joint pains,  Arthritis, Rheumatism, osteoarthritis , and more.



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Mistletoe is a Natural herb that has existed for thousands of years.  It has been well used as a medicinal herbal therapy for severe cases of Arthritis and High blood pressure. 

Mistletoe Herbal tea can be taken in the morning or at night (most preferably). Once you drink this powerful tea, it will help regulate the flow of  blood in your body. This is very important for the organs and muscle in the body.

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Mistletoe Leaf tea enables blood flow and helps to relax body. That is why it is very effective in Reducing Inflammation that causes Arthritis and Hypertension in the body.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) | Lark Health

Research has shown that 1 out of 3 elderly people usually have high blood pressure which doctors call Hypertension. Hypertension increases the risk of Cardiovascular issues like Stroke and coronary diseases. And if its not treated can reduce ones lifespan. The major causes are Stress, excessive drinking of Alcohol, smoking and Obesity which is as a result of bad eating habits.

Benefits of Mistletoe Leaf Tea

Heals serious joint pain

For people that find it difficult to walk, Serious joint pain like Arthritis,Rheumatism, Stroke etc.

Reduces High blood pressure

It is highly effective against Hypertension. Regulates the level of blood flow throughout the body.

Helps one sleep and reduce stress and anxiety

Highly effective for Insomia, Stress relief.

Easy to drink, Soothing and Refreshing

The tea made of 100% herbal with 0 additives so its easy and safe to use any day anytime.

Mistletoe Leaf Tea

Size (250g) 

1 Month Natural Therapy

Customers Testimonials

The tea is very good, I really like it. I also noticed that i am not usually stressed out like before. I now drink the tea everyday. Thank you very much.
Blessing Anyiam
I almost had stroke after 5 years of serious pains, i could not walk at all. It was this mistletoe tea that saved me. I am now telling everyone i know about this tea, And i will continue to buy from them. I did not believe the result.
Abubakar saba
Most of this online products don't work, but to my surprise i bought the Mistletoe leaf tea for my High BP and after 3 weeks i saw great changes in my BP. They were even asking me what i was using at the clinic.
Akin olajide

Mistletoe leaf tea Prices

1. The First Package contains ONE mistletoe leaf tea 250g  plus 2 FREE Arthritis balms Bonus is now at N15,000 instead of (N23,000) normal price.


2. The Second Package contains TWO Mistletoe leaf tea 250g   PLUS 3 FREE Arthritis balms Bonus is now at N25,500 instead of (N38,000) normal price.


3. Special COMBO Package contains 2 + 1 BONUS Mistletoe Herbal Tea 250g + TWO BIG BALMS 120g and A DIET GUIDE the price is now at N60,000 instead of (N78,000) normal price

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How to use Mistleteo Herbal Leaf Tea

Please read the steps carefully:

Step 1: Simply Boil 2 cups of water in a pot or kettle, Then add 1 table spoon of mistleteo leaf tea into the hot water. and mix 

Step 2: Leave it for at least 3 hours to infuse properly. 

Sieve/separate the leaf from the tea properly. 

Then rewarm it to Drink Hot.

Can also drink it warm or cold.

Add 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten.

Step 3: Drink it just once a day. At night or in the morning. Preferably at Night to relieve pain and stress.

Disclaimer: Mistleteo should not be abused or taken in EXCESS quantity, it may cause other side effects like dizzness or headaches.


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